Sometimes I wanna get paid. Sometimes I wanna get paid.

I wanna sway, I wanna wear heavy crystals on my fingers and hold thousands of 1000-dollar bills in my hand. I wanna shiver of ecstasy from the way my body feels.

I love that damn gluttony.

Far from reality, far from hell, oh so near heaven. A human is a simple being. How is she supposed to withstand from all the glorious things in life?

It may be temporary, it might be dangerous in the far length. But then again, isn’t it worth it, to touch the cloud, to inhale the sky and dance with the angels? If only for a moment.

I want them to envy me, all the little people. I wanna be the queen, king and princess of the world. I shall be beautiful, I shall be merciless and I shall be shimmering.

The trees shame me, the Gods banish me, I know this.  Still there’s nothing on my mind more than that gorgeous boy, whit those shiny shoes. Will he seduce me? Will he ask me to dance? Will he grab my hair and kiss my neck? I want to feel his pulse. The little people want to see it happen too.

In the valleys, in the little cold houses they sit and stare. Outside their window they have everything plated for themselves. They have the world in a box. It’s not even necessary for them to reach out a hand because then the spell is broken.

They catch my eye. I’m the apple of their eye. I fire them a smirk and pop a bottle of champagne. My beautiful boy is with me, my dress is breathtaking and my castle is of gold. My heart is cold, and theirs is warm.  Im here to entertain, to please and I charm them.

Even my tears are made of tiny-tiny  diamonds. When I’m demolished and filled with anguish my drips of salty water sparkle.